Blue Monday's Pick me up!: DJ Ralph Retro

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I recently contacted Ralph Retro and asked if he would become a regular contributer for what I like to call "Blue Mondays" and "Finally Friday" on this blog. I found out about Ralph through a friend, and his approach to mixing today's music is exactly what it should be, and was what I was looking for to help readers get out of the funk while supporting local artists, Win Win situations right?

Check out Ralph Retro's page and LIKE!


Kapeesh and Joey Sance "Beathoven at Lucidity Festival"

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A word from our editor: Kapeesh and drummer Joey Sance played the "Lucidity" Fesitval this past April in Santa Barbara. I unfortunately was unable to attend but, the good friend and photographer of Kapeesh,Tomas Valenzuela, was able to catch some footage of Kapeesh and Joey Sance's performance. He then handed it over to me to cut a little something together. Above is the result of the first show from a duo who look to have big things in their future. I'm excited to have been (and look forward to) working with them.
Kapeesh and Joey Sance
Song: "Beathoven"
Album: That Racket
Shot by: Tomas Valenzuela
Edited by: Miles Custer


Next Level Break Dancing

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Breaking has come a long way since the Beat Street and Breakin, In the 80's Crews like Rock Steady and the New York City Breakers were in every B-boy Film and How-to Video. Now days, the craft has spead world wide and competitions like Battle of the Year, Bboy Summit, Red Bull BC One, ABDC and many more have allowed us to experience and discover the talents around the world. In this video you will see some of the many technical dance moves that will blow your mind in 5 minutes.

You can check out more videos edited by Treiz Seiz. Thank you and enjoy!


UN-tooned: Realistic Inspired Cartoon Characters

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Happy Monday! I don't know when this creative phenomenon started but it's spreading quite nicely throughout the web community and it has me wanting to see more. This is just, of what I think is a small collection of what people have actually done. Be aware that some imagery is quite creepy at first... then you see another. enjoy!

BartCharlie BrownMarioMrBurnsStewieBeavisUP 1BertKrustyMAADPopeyeTweetyBuzzSmurf
HomerSnoopyLuigiSimpsons chPeterButtheadUP 2JessicaSideshowKOTHPatrickStanYODAScooby

Boogel's Coachella Survival Guide 2013

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If you are a newbie to Coachella or forgot how miserable you were in past years becasue you were a pack rat, you might want to check this out. My buds Boo Boo and Nigel have finally made a "COACHELLA SURVIVAL GUIDE" video, and in this video they will explain tips and tricks on how to stay cool and comfy for the festivities. They'll go over what to wear as well as certain spots to cool down at and awesome spots to eat and drink. And as they will mention in the vid, have fun and don't ruin your experience by worrying about stupid shit hahaha!

I believe this kinda falls under the "Throwback Thursday" category because there's old footage intwined. Anyhow.

Good Job Boo Boo and Nigel!


Kid at Heart at Chain Reaction April 12th 2013

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Friday April 12th 2013, Pop Punk Mania 2., Band extraordinaire "KID AT HEART" will be killing the stage and pleasing the crowd at Chain Reaction | 1652 W. Lincoln Ave. in the City of Anaheim, Cali. Ticket are $10 order them HERE or pay at the door.

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