What are you afraid of?

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We all have fears, but the way to control fear is to not buy into it, I recently read an article that talked a little about how fear works and how people react to it and let it overcome their successes. I'm going to share a heart felt video of someone overcoming fear and going for their goal... before I do I want to leave you with this passage.

"Fear persists.  It distorts our ability to make decisions.  It impacts our relationships, our health, our work, and our spirituality.  In short, it prevents us from experiencing the “good life”.  The more we buy into its control, the more we forget about our strengths, brilliance, and resilience."


Freeling: Documentary by Andrew Lovgren

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Freeling is a documentary about the true freedom and feeling skateboarding in general can give a person. To many folks, skating is dangerous and destructive to property, but the truth is it's not different from any other sport. It takes motivation, dedication and lots of practice to be good at it.

If you want to check it out for yourself, below is the video, you can also purchase your own copy with bonus footage by clicking here. Enjoy and Love what you do.

Freeling from Andrew Lovgren on Vimeo.

10 Colorful and Inspirational Easter egg Ideas

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Every year I try to come up with cool and creative ways to decorate my Easter eggs. I always find inspiration online and get amazed at how awesome some folks can be in creating vibrant and difficult pieces of art. Here are 10 of my favorites this year.


PantoneTapeChalkboardElectricalTapemonoPopgoodeggStache >StripedStromtrooper

National Geographic - 80s the Decade that Made Us

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The 80's was a awesome decade for me even though I was born in 1981, I do remember the style and music while growing up in the later years. VH1 and MTV always had shows making fun of the "Neon Culture" that was tacky (when you think about it now days) but if you notice it has came back in many ways. Well now National Geographic has a new documentary premiering April 14th at 8pm talking about the decade that made us and the way it shaped the way we live today.

Here are some art pieces that were created to advertise the film and the trailer to follow!

the decade that made us

rock guy

Joy Stick



Boom Box

poster art

Here's the trailer.

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